Dulwich WowFest 2022

24 May 2022

WowFest 2022 is due to land with a bang on Monday 13th June, and after a two-year hiatus our jam packed festival is sure to wow!

WowFest is a platform from which to excite and inspire our future creatives, performers and academics. Here is a quick snapshot of what our most senior students can expect from WowFest 2022.

Kicking off week one is a five-day trip to Snowdonia for our Year 8 students whilst our Year 7s participate in the exploration of “WW1 – A week of discovery”, a cross-curricula programme where they will learn about World War 1 and its impact across the world. The programme will incorporate History, Art and DT, as well as a trip to the Imperial War Museum to maximise exploration of this interesting topic from the perspective of different subjects.

In week two Year 7 will be making model boats as part of a STEM focus. The Science department will be relying on wind to sail a yacht and the DT department will be relying on the sun to make solar powered motor boats. They will be sailed across the pool to test, refine and improve each one. Let the first ever Dulwich model regatta begin!

To ease our Year 8 students, back down to earth from the heady heights of Snowdon, they’ll be taking a calming visit to Eastbourne to watch the Rothesay International tennis tournament followed by First Aid training, Healthy Eating talks and mountain biking at Bedgebury.

Also joining us towards the end of week two is the magical Megan Swann, the first female Head of the Magic Circle, who will present her green magic show to help spread the word about environmental issues in a fun and engaging way.

Let the fun commence!