Scholarship News

20 Sept 2022

In February 2022 we made the exciting announcement that Dulwich Prep Cranbrook is expanding to provide a through-school to GCSE. We look forward to welcoming our first Year 9 cohort in September 2023, who will then move through to Year 11 in September 2025.

In June 2022 we launched our Scholarship programme to support the strong academic and co-curricular ambition of our Senior School (Years 7 to 11). We are now delighted to confirm the following Scholarship and Exhibition Awards for September 2023, from both our own pool of talented students, as well as students new to the school. Olivia N joins Year 8 as a Sports Scholar, with a particular focus on swimming, having finished second in the Kent Championships 1500m freestyle. During the assessment process, Olivia impressed with her attitude, politeness and approach to sport, and demonstrated her ability to bring strength to all aspects of sport. Well done, Olivia.

Talented athletes Purdey H and William D achieved Sports Scholarships for Year 7 entry. Purdey showed excellent stamina and endurance across sport, with particularly exceptional results in Cross-Country. William D showed an exceptionally mature attitude to sport and his fellow teammates, working extremely well with his team throughout his assessment. Purdey shares her passion for sport with Drama, for which she has also been awarded an Exhibition thanks to her well-prepared monologues, delivered with great energy and character.  Both Purdey and William are to be warmly congratulated on their achievements; they impressed throughout the whole process.

Moving on to Drama and the Performing Arts, Lily S has received a Performing Arts Scholarship, demonstrating the extent to which she is a versatile performer. Lily prepared well for her assessment, effectively conveying her passion for dance, performance and drama, and provided strong evidence of her ongoing commitment to Performing Arts through her participation in external clubs.

In Drama, Monty B has been awarded a Drama Exhibition. His monologue showed enormous potential, with interesting use of pace and character. Monty must be commended for his confidence in stepping into the assessment process, and for the excellent progress he has made in Drama this year, both in lessons and the Year 6 play. Well done, Monty.

Last but not least, , congratulations to Tommy T and Noah D for their Scholarship Awards in Computer Science. Both boys show a great hunger and desire to learn about programming, impressed in their interviews and demonstrated the skills required to prepare for a GSCE in Computer Science.

We’re extremely proud of our Award-winners, all of whom have demonstrated passion and commitment to their areas of specialism. We look forward to supporting them through their journey into the Senior School and further honing their talent for an exciting future ahead.